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tv   Interview with Marji Ross  CSPAN  August 21, 2016 7:30pm-7:46pm EDT

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.. in the beginning which felt like the stone ages when i worked at premier magazine that folded after 25 years, they were trying to transfer to and boy was that rough. i think the problem was because they were trying to make the website like the magazine and
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that wasn't possible because the magazine was such great reporting and even though, they still took months to report and great investigative work being done and the website just wasn't as good and it was not as well thought through. now there are a lot of websites that are extremely well thought through and the content is excellent but i think they almost have to exist on their own even if they are connected to a print. what do you think? >> what does the young woman say as to why she doesn't like the website? [inaudible]
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>> they have to compete more with women's website and they have nonserious stuff too. i'm surprised to hear that. >> i am too. i actually feel like the other generations. [inaudible] i think it's funny when people make such a big deal about whether who wrote for the new yorker imprints or the new and it's this big giant deal. >> it is. >> there's this line in the sand [inaudible] i think there is a discrepancy.
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print is incredibly different. >> which one are those? [laughter] for me, i feel like though i don't read that much media in print anymore. i mean i still have this sunday times but a lot of my favorite content to consume is online. [inaudible] >> of yes. >> you can do so much with it and be interactive. >> i wanted to know, why did you
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start to write it? >> it's not that interesting i guess, i just wanted a new book project honestly and i have a really wonderful agent team and we were looking for books. when i read helen's obit in the new york times i e-mailed them about it and it was a conversation and imagine was probably still on the air or about to go off and what about a story about helen brown's cosmo and have it be set in the world of women's magazine. that's how it started. as to why, i thought it would be
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a good story for me and it was. i wanted to do something fun. actually, i have the answer now. my first book is called the new kids and i had spent several years in burst in the lives of these teenagers and all of them were either immigrants or refugees from 50 countries all around the world. it was a great experience but i was really in their lives. i had a boyfriend for ten or 11 or 20 years, we kept getting close to marriage for a long time and it was putting off so many things because i was in their life. when i started to write enter helen it was very immersive but i wanted to have my own life. i had a child at the time and i thought i can't be trucking it to queens and staten island and living all these other people's lives. i would like to have my own life so that's kind of how that -- it
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was a great subject and it was also something i could do. >> a couple people who knew her well said that she would and that is heartening. it's like, do i want her to like the book. i think i do but then i think maybe i don't want her to like all of it because then it wouldn't be a great depiction of her. she did a lot of great things but she had a really nutty side and did some questionable things and was a very complicated, complex person. the result is a complicated, complex portrait of her. i think anyone who read something about themselves has mixed feelings about it. i would hate to read something this long about myself, i mean really.
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[inaudible] anyway. >> thank you everyone, let's give her another round of applause. [applause] again we have books up at the register as well as wine to your left. [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation]
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>> on sunday, september 4, book tv is live from hills take hillsdale college in michigan. his most recent book examines how the ten commitments are still relevant today. he talks about good and evil, idealism and extremism, the holocaust and other topics in his book, think a second time. he can contemplates the pursuit of happiness and happiness is a serious problem. in his 2013 book he lays out why american values must triumph in an uncertain world. here he is from the los angeles times festival of books. >> it's very simple. if everybody lived by the ten commandments, you you would not need one army or one missile or any policeman. you would not have to put locks on your doors. this is all humans need.
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it's amazing. >> dennis will take your calls, e-mail, tweets and text messages sunday september 4 from noon - for easter and. >> margie, what are some of the books you have coming out this fall? >> yes, we are so excited. you know when it's an election year we like to really get into things and try to connect with all the people who are thinking what is going on in this crazy election year. we have to big books coming, one in late july and one in late august. these are really geared for the election crowd. we are moving into the general election soon instead of the primary, so we are focusing our sights on, not surprisingly, hillary clinton. the the first book is a big book with the big author. he is bringing out a book called hillary's america.
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the subtitle is something like the most frightening book you will read this year and it's coming alongside a documentary. he typically does that. this is going to open in 2000 theaters across the country the same weekend that the book comes out. the book comes out july 26. we are very excited about that. his last two books were the new york times number one bestseller, so we have high hopes for that. a a month later we have a very exciting book by ed klein, also a multiple best times selling author. this book is called guilty as sin. it's a real investigative reporting book on what's going on with the fbi investigation into hillary clinton. he's really known ford
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developing wonderful stories and getting stories before they break anywhere else so that's what were hoping to do in this book as well. >> two controversial books. >> yes, indeed. and frankly, in this kind of environment, you need controversial, outspoken authors there is a tendency, especially in an election year for the news to be changing so quickly that people can't keep up book publishers have a hard time keeping up in an election year. this one is more unpredictable than anyone i can remember. this has been quite a challenge for book publishers. people are expected to hear what's new every day and big changes every day. our challenge is always to find that interesting, controversial, provocative author and point of view that we think can tell a
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different side of the story. >> from a publishers point of view, does hillary clinton sell? >> that's a really good question yes and no. i think there has been so many hillary books that if you just bring out another book that doesn't take a new angle or have new information, it's a very big risk that people will just say, been there, done that. we have looked for authors who have a really good track record for digging up new dirt and for talking about topics that everyone is interested in but maybe well covered in an interesting new way. >> what about donald trump? have you looked at books about donald trump? >> that's a good question. we published a book for donald trump by donald trump back in
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2011, last election cycle when he was thinking about running. was a great book and it did very well. last summer when it became obvious he was going to throw his hat in the ring we looked at each other and said we have a book by donald trump, why don't we put that out in paper back. we called his office to get permission and within a week they had gotten approval and turned it around and had approved the cover and work with us to update the book. it was really impressive. >> is that a short time around in the publishing world? >> it's a very short time point we got that book out in august. so it's time to get tough came out in paper back. we sold tens of thousands of that book in paperback.
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>> your putting out a fun little booklet in july. >> thank you, we are. when all else fails, maybe you just need to have a drink. we have two books that are coming out timed for the convention. one is called drinking with the democrats and one is called ranking with the republican spread what we have done is take a lighthearted approach to the whole presidential election season and put together some of the favorite cocktail recipes of our presidents. we divided up by republican presidents and democrat presidents. you you will find cocktail recipes and stories. we will have a book for the republicans and a book for the democrats. as these conventions unfold, i wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people thought that was the best way to make it through this season. >> one of the chapters in the drinking with republicans is called, mixing with nixon.
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>> that's right. we have a great story with him and how he like to enjoy a cocktail and his favorite cocktail recipe. >> and coulter has come back. how is her book. >> she wrote a fantastic book called audio's america which in many ways that the stage for the trump campaign. she was talking about illegal immigration, honestly, before anyone else was. it was a very accessible book and bestseller that we publish last spring. trump mentioned it and we know he read it and he commented on it, he praised it and of course that has been a huge theme in his campaign. in light of that and as he becomes the nominee, we are bringing that book out in paperback. audio's ic


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